Life from the suitcase

Hello to you, to you, who ever is reading this.

You may have read my journey in Budapest too, or not. It does not matter because every journey is a new one! But I know that I will be doing some comparison between Budapest and Stuttgart so bear with me.

So hard to think that one year has again passed by! 
Time to step in for a new ride..

Life from the suitcase,
Its strange because when you travel, you never come to think about it that if your luggage would dissappear it would be like losing your identity. I never thought it would happen to me, even if the odds would be bigger than ever, I could not believe it.
So when we came to Stuttgart from Copenhagen with SAS and waited for our luggage at the airport for a while, it came more and more obvious that our stuff is not coming. Where the hell is it then?

One of our group got called to lost&found desk at Stuttgart airport and when the luggage carousel stopped, we all went there. It took us one hour to get all the paperwork done and inform the airline that our baggage is missing. 
It was quite awkward situation because there was some people from our partner school who had come to pick us up and they had to wait for a long time before we could leave. 
Despite the fact that all the souveniers from Finland what were ment for those people, were inside my luggage.

So we came to Germany with empty hands, jackets open and looking like punch of homeless people after 3 flights from through Scandinavia to Europe. Great start for the journey, but hey, its not all just dancing in the stars!

People were really helpful and we bought some survival stuff for our first evening in Stuttgart. (well, night)

For the first two nights I could not sleep so well, maybe it was my consciousness worrying about the luggage but on Monday we got great phone call from the airport that our baggage has arrived Stuttgart and is delievered on the same day!

"Great!" We thought. Our bags were ment to be at our hostel at 14:00 local time. We went there little before 14 o'clock and waited until 17:30. Luggage never came and nobody never called to inform us about it. Taru also tried to contact SAS multiple times without getting through their fully booked lines.

On Tuesday we decided to go buy some clothes and bathing equipment etc because we were stinky and we would not like to give people the feeling that finnish people just are like this in everyday basis ...

When we got back from the school and back to our hostel with our newly bought stuff, the receptionist looked us differently than ever before and asked that are we looking for our luggage?

Those had just arrived before we came from the school (good thing that we gave the papers to reception on monday so they could take the luggage for us). Fortunately, SAS agreed to pay everything I had to buy because of the luggages arrived late.

Was great to get warm shower and fresh clothes on.

School has been hard, its hard to understand from time to time what we are speaking of and what is the subject. But for now, I have managed to survive the days in school. :)

Oh yeah, I did not mention yet that we have to be in school for couple weeks first and after that we go working. Dunno what it helps but atleast we get to see the german side of studying.

On Saturday we were doing a little sightseeing and exploring, dont really have any photos from that day thou because the places we went to, werent so special when conserning the views. Ok, I got one pic.

Also we decided to see the Stuttgart nightlife on weekend, on Friday we went to this really weird pub that was just too shady to stay on our "to go" list.

We bought the most cheapest 6-pack of beer ever, under 3€ a pack :D
In the (Saturday) evening we went to this club called "Village". It was pretty full and people were all 'blacked out', but we had fun, raving like hell but leaving home early :)

Some random pics below, taken during the week.. :)

Jorma Uotila -look

Hostel 'bar' officially tested

Nice views from the hostel
Here on Sundays almost all the shops are closed and my first plan was to go to Primark at Milaneo shoppin mall, but because of the stores being closed, I walked from my hostel to Olgaeck to get some food, drove the Ubahn to the centrum and climbed all the way up to the Hauptbahnhofturm for the views and pictures. :)

Fernsehrturm of Stuttgart

Shopping street

I have been trying to get to know to the city and see some sights at this first week. Its so sad that the tv-tower is closed and cant get in it anymore, I can only imagine the views from it.

So instead of it, I went to the Hauptbahnhof tower today to see the city from above, it was really nice and I spent there like 20 minutes, It was cold as hell but worth it, to see the sun go down behind Stuttgart hill. I also circled around the centrum and went to see all different kind of places.

Shopping street from above

Thanks for reading, if you ever made it this far.

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