Really the time just flies. I have already been here over 1 month and soon it is time to head back home! Well, atleast to Stockholm because at this moment that is the last destination in my tickets and the flight to Oulu has been cancelled, airline has not provided me any new information for the flights, so it might just be that 3 weeks from now I will be sleeping in the stockholm airport. :D


But back to this week.

So we had just arrived to the Ludwigsburg accommodation at Saturday and on Sunday we found out that shit is really going down as the place is infested with bedbugs.. :s
We called to the person who is responsible for this place and our school to give a hand while sorting out this problem, since the owner said that there is no problem with bedbugs because there arent any, so he simply was lying about it.

Two of our fellow students had already been living here in Ludwigsburg hostel for couple of weeks before us and they had some bedbug bites on them so we had to do something about it.
On monday we saw the owner and he showed us a place where we can take our stuff to for killing the bedbugs. It was a bedbug oven (that turned out to be defective in the end). It reached a temperature of +48 celsius degrees and the interner says that bedbugs need to be exposed to +120 fahrenheit degrees (roughly about +50 celsius) to kill everything in your stuff.

Fortunately after putting their stuff to the oven girls could move to another room. Actually they moved to "Pilvilinna" to live in the 12th floor with another finnish girl.
After the drama with the bedbugs, we watched some movie with our american and german friends. Movie was not my cup of a tee, but we had good time watching it, and it was more of an social event I think xD

Our huge whitescreen

Whole week just went by in a heart beat. It had some rainy days and actually after monday we were seriously thinking about going back to Finland as soon as possible. The whole "internship" thing could not have gone more into wrong direction. Like this week all we did was this "Suomi project" in the school's internet-cafe. For me it gave me the feeling that we are now "out of sight, out of mind" for our german partner school.

And more amuses me the fact that our school is still thinking about sending more students here! I already feel so so so sorry about those students. Like if we think about it, two of us finnish have already done one internship abroad and that went like superb, but for 4 of us, this is their first and last international internship and this is just full of shit to be honest. I also feel so sorry for my mates, this is not the way to handle it.

Johanneskirche am Feuersee

When the sun finally came out behind the clouds and our minds were not so beaten down by our wrong-gone internship, it was already a friday. And like always I noticed that this weeks "discoveries" had not yet been done so I had to get on with it.

So when I got from school, I had some time before the train was leaving to Ludwigsburg, so I used it to see the nearby Feuerseepark and the Johanneskirche standing in the middle of it.

My kind of entrance!

When I arrived back to my place at Ludwigsburg, The Tower looked so beautiful piece of arcitechture that I just HAD to take picture of it.

And here it is, the mighty tower

Royal entrance

After spending a joyful time at my crib I decided to head out into the wild. To the wild Favoritepark.


Long road ahead

a ram

pack of sheeps

a sheep
And thats the wildlife of Favoritepark! I am not kidding. I was expecting a little more thou. :D
After the long walk throught Favoritepark in the other end of the road is standing the Favoriteschloss.

After admiring the Favoritepark I saw the new destination faraway in the horizon. Actually we alreadt did visit the Ludwigsburg Schloss, but only from the inside. So I decided to see the outskirts of it by myself ;)

After spending quite a much time in the Ludwigsburg Schloss, I headed back home.

On Saturday I wanted to see more, I actually stumpled across this Altstadt in Marbach because my original plan was to go with s-bahn to Marbach (since it is across river Neckar) and see the views there and walk back to Favoritepark. But. I saw a sign that said "Altstadt" and I immidiately changed my plan and went for the Oldtown, which was a good choice.

After visiting the altstadt on Saturday, I found a rewe from there and ended up buying some sweets and grocery from there, went to my place to make some food and so on. In the evening there was "midnight shopping" event in Breuningerland (shopping mall) I checked it out quickly and came back to my place for some beers in our 12th floor, some of our group even went to a bar in Ludwigsburg, but I already had great plans for Sunday(really I just did not feel like going) so I stayed at home.

Because I had said that I have some plans for tomorrow, on Sunday morning I decided do make some plans for myself. Actually the only master plan was to go jogging and during that trip I could maybe see something new, and oh boy I sure did..


Feel the summer!

Gotta admit that I am quite proud of myself. I did lots of great stuff on weekend and used my time so well, saw some really really nice places :)
Just always wondering that is there still something that I havent seen?

Maybe, we will find out next week!!

My friend Joonas is coming from Düsseldorf to Stuttgart on thurstday and we are going to see some places is Stuttgart and also some of the nightlife, but more of that in the next post! bis dann!

Sorry for not making my post on time, but this is because circumstances were different that I thought on saturday. But firstable, lets start from the start of last week.
The week was really basic for starters, on monday we went to school, nothing more, nothing less. On tuesday, same stuff, drawing cars and listening some german. "Observing" as they call it.

Tuesday we decided to have proper evening food and some cold drinks so we went to a place called, "Mauritius" that our classmates had recommended us. I found that the place was quite good, but it was quite expensive. We ordered Pizzas and couple of cold drinks, whole evening was like 15€ in total per person, but I think it was not too bad.(compared to out beloved homecountry)

Just one mojito before the pizza :)

On Wednesday we had a day off from school and after the breakfast I started to but some darker colour to my hair. When we all had our hair done we decided that it is the time for the weekly "adventure". We took a train to this small lake called "Max-Eyth See" that is connected to the river Neckar in Bad Cannstatt, we had read that the atmostphere there is really nice an relaxing, and it sure was.

Bridge over river Neckar

Love lockdown
So I keep it low, keep a secret code
Some wineyards waiting to rise and shine

 We found a great GYROS place near the Bad Cannstatt hbf!

After the gyros I felt bad (like always) so I had to take the stairs to clear my karma.

On Thursday we had a bustrip with our class to Ludwigsburg which would btw be our new home for march. Before the trip even started we had to hear a presentation from the buscompany (in german ofc). The trip was quite nice, organization could have been better, but in overall the trip was worthwhile. We went there with "luxury" class bus, and had a small snack during the trip to Ludwigsburg (althought the trip would have been faster with s-bahn...) but anyways the trip was a nice change to the everyday school-life.
In Ludwigsburg we went to see the Ludwigsburg castle and we had a tour in there (in german again), and the only thing that was bad was that we could not really understand anything about the tour :/
It was really beautiful place, would like to get a tour there in english.

Inside yard

Main entrance
After the day in Ludwigsburg, we still had to attend to a class in our school, which was really stupid as far as I can think. Because literally we just talked with our classmates there for the whole time.

In the evening I was really down for some reason, I felt like there is nothing for me in here. Tried to gather my shit together and go for a walk and find some place to eat while walking. I ended up walking all the way up to the Bad Cannstat and taking some nice photos with my oneplus and canon :)

This was the place that I actually went looking for from the Bad Cannstatt

When I arrived to my place with some food and couple of beers, I stumpled up on to couple of guys from the hostel that were going for a hip-hop & reggae club in the evening and asked me and girls if we want to join them since its their last evening. 
First I was so tired that I said that I would not like to go, but they insisted me to join them, and it was quite nice when we played table-football with the guys and just had a great time, girls were dancing and we were just hanging around just like guys do. Did not buy any drinks for my self that night, so it was a cheap one too, only 4 € in total. :)

UG place, was nice to see this side of the nightlife too..

On Saturday things went seriously weird. I just had come from the breakfast and laying on the bed, minding my own business and I hear a knock on the door, I say "ja, bitte" because I think it is the cleaninglady. But this time it was the receptionist with some crazy-ass news: "Did you know that you had to check-out 15 minutes ago?" And I went like: "Come again please?" and she said it again, "You should have checked-out 15 minutes ago, since it is 10:45 and our check-out time is 10:30". I was sitting on my bed, silent, thinking just that is this a joke? We were not supposed to leave our hostel until tomorrow morning, so I wanted to clear things out and I told her the situation. But. Apparently our partnerschool here in Stuttgart had made some mistakes and did not book our accommodation for the required time.

I had to start backing, in a hurry, I had not done a single thing because I was thinking to start wrapping my room on Saturday evening of course. Also we had to contact our teacher and all the other personel from our partnerschool to let them know what has happened. Worst case scenario would be that we would had to sleep on the streets for the night (okay, maybe that really is the real worstcase scenario). In 30 minutes I got my stuff wrapped to my samsonite and off I went to downstairs. After 1000 phonecalls and textmessages we were informed that we could go to our Ludwigsburg's accommodation one day early which WAS a relief.

When we got there, I realized that we are going to stay in this greeeeeat place for 1 month. In different floors. Atleast we got nice starter packet from IKEA that was part of the accommodation fees.

Cooking with chinese peeps!

Actually also the Saturday was better in that case so we could go to a store and buy some food etc stuff to handle the first days in Ludwigsburg. On Sundays the shops are closed so.
We were waiting for this monday really eagerly because our contact from the school had told us that he and the headmaster had planned some great ideas for us, what we could do instead of just sitting around doing nothing "observing". 
Well, I'm not going to open up the whole subject here, but let just say that the options where not those that we had in mind. I was really sad today and felt that how could this trip get any worse?

Found my german cup of coffee

Actually, it could. We heard that there are bedbugs in this dormitory/hostel, and we were told that they used to have them 2 years ago but the problem is now solved. "yeah right" I thought, unluckily seems like I was right.. But that is not all, the location of Ludwigsburg is just really bad. From every 30 minutes on daytime a train goes to centrum and in the evening every 1 hour. (compared to our earlier place the time was 10 minutes). Also, in this hostel your "hot shower" means something like +10 degrees warm water (which btw is really cold).

Just was wondering today that are we in some kind of reality show or candid camera? Or are we seriously this unlucky with our internship? I cant really think of positive things about this trip. I have decided not to expect anything better anymore, because you never know what is the next "oops" we find around the corner.

Just curious to find out what will happen this week... Bis später!